Elect Eric Faulkner for Temecula
City Council – District 2

Bringing Unity Back into our Community!

My name is Eric Faulkner and I am announcing my campaign to run for City Council for Temecula District 2. I am running for City Council because I think we can do better as a city. 

I have watched our civility deteriorate over the last 4 years! Partisan politics have crept into our local government which should be nonpartisan. I hope to bring Unity back into our Community! I will work to ensure we live in a Safe and Healthy city, focus our efforts in maintaining a Strong and Resilient economy, and continue building on our Inclusive and Sustainable community services. We are Temecula and we are better Together!



Eric Faukner's campaign is dedicated to fostering a forward-thinking, inclusive, and prosperous community for all residents of our city.

With a commitment to supporting our city's growth and progress, Eric advocates for:

Safe and Healthy Communities

Strong and Resilient Economy

Inclusive and Sustainable Services


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We are better together so let’s work together to be Temecunga (Luiseno People),
the city where the sun breaks through the mist.

On November 5, 2024, vote for Eric Faulkner
for Temecula City Council District 2.