Eric Faukner's campaign is dedicated to fostering a forward-thinking, inclusive, and prosperous community for all residents of our city. With a commitment to supporting our city's growth and progress, Eric advocates for robust infrastructure, equitable access to essential services such as voting and healthcare, and innovative solutions to address pressing issues like homelessness and emergency preparedness. Eric believes in a nonpartisan approach to governance, prioritizing the needs of residents over political ideology. From ensuring law enforcement and fire services have the resources they need to responding promptly to emergencies, Eric is dedicated to building a city that is safe, vibrant, and resilient. Join us in supporting Eric's vision for a thriving and inclusive city where every voice is heard and valued.

More about Eric Faukner’s vision for Temecula

  • Seek out innovative opportunities to address the needs for affordable housing across the city
  • Support but challenge staff to continue to seek out opportunities to improve our city!  Forward thinking 
  • Ensure easy access to voting that is safe, fair and equitable.  
  • A robust and modern parks/recreation plan to keep our residents engaged in healthy communities
  • Master Planned communities with an emphasis of ensuring resources collocated near residents
  • Ensure law enforcement and fire have the resources to respond to emergencies in a timely manner.  Expand Temecula Citizen Corps and community policing initiatives.
  • Support our active military, Veterans and their families by highlighting their impact on the world, the nation and our community
  • Immediate and prompt response to infrastructure concerns across the city.
  • Creative and innovative ideas to address homelessness within the city. 
  • Nonpartisan approach to governing, focusing on our residents and not political ideology.
  • Ensure that the city is fiscally healthy to address present and future concerns of our city.
  • Expand opportunities for new businesses while expounding on support of local entrepreneurs.
  • Provide spaces and opportunities to hear the voices of our young adults, special needs and seniors
  • Create opportunities and have discussion that work to unite our communities and celebrate our differences, diversity and cultures
  • Access to quality and local healthcare for our residents.  Preventative education and services that allow residents to be proactive in their health to include mental health
  • Emergency preparedness that ensures a safe and secure city during disasters. 
  • Innovative solutions to Wi-Fi support across the city providing fair and equitable access to Wi-Fi resources for our residents
  • City events that are inclusive in nature and that provide an opportunity for all residents to engage and share in the experience

On November 5, 2024, vote for Eric Faulkner
for Temecula City Council District 2.


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